Separate ink cartridge for HP 950XL/951XL series / Brother LC103 series!

Due to high frequency upgrade of OEM printer recently, inventory risk and aftersales services cost losses became a headache of our customer. With concern for solving this issue, we are going to launch separate ink cartridge.
Advantage of separate ink cartridge:
1. Easier installation for user, saving local processing labor costs.

2. Saving transport fee via shipping cartridge without chip by sea, latest chip will delivery via air freight.

3. Lower the risk of inventory costs, rework processing fee.

HP Series Model: HP932XLBK , HP933XLC/M/Y , HP934XLBK , HP935XLC/M/Y HP950XLBK , HP951XLC/M/Y , HP970XLBK , HP971XLC/M/Y
Brother Series Model: LC1x1 BK/C/M/Y , LC1x3 BK/C/M/Y LC2x1 BK/C/M/Y , LC2x3 BK/C/M/Y

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